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Cinnamon, is a film released in 2011 also known as My Dog's Christmas Miracle. It is a heartwarming family comedy. Cinnamon is the story about a spoiled Maltese puppy. Cinnamon, the dog, has an owner who is a single parent. Cinnamon's owner falls for another single parent who is an architect. Cinnamon is not happy with this new relationship of her owner's. She desperately strives to break them up. In all of the plotting, the dog ends up succeeding in breaking up her owner relationship with the widower. However, Cinnamon sees how very unhappy this has made her owner. She feels guilty and starts to put her plan into reverse. In a strange turn of events, Cinnamon the dog is able to reunite her owner with her love. All of this plotting back and forth results in a hilarious, romantic, an heartfelt story of love, pets, and family.

| 2011 | 1 hr 31 min | 4.5/10

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