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The corruption at Clark County Jail was the spark for this television show. In trying to end it, Sheriff Jamey Noel utilized the help of innocent people. The premise is that the innocent people will enter the jail as inmates, and no one will know what exactly is going on.

Prior to adding in the new people who weren't actual convicts, additional cameras were installed throughout the jail in order to catch everything that happened in the place. However, while the eye in the sky could see them, this was about all of the help that the newbies could expect. Once they were in, they were in.

Thursday 10:00 PM et/pt on A&E
4 Seasons, 51 Episodes
March 10, 2016
Cast: Pat Cassels, Dan Gurewitch, Brian Murphy, Emily Axford
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60 Days In Full Episode Guide

  • Matt wrestles with the most devastating moment of his life; Jaclin regrets leaving the program; Alan gets a mysterious new cellmate; and the inmates throw an unforgettable birthday party for Angele.

  • Two participants struggle with the decision to leave the program early, while the rest try to keep their wits as they finish the back half of their time in the Fulton County Jail.

  • When Jaclin tries to help Stephanie switch rooms, it puts a target on Jaclin's back. Emmanuel also becomes a target when he tries to break up a fight. A rumor about Andrew being gay could put him in harm's way.

  • The participants are faced with challenges when a gas scare happens in the women's pod, a football kitty goes missing in 500 prompting a gang fight, and a new inmate in 600 tests Matt.

  • While Stephanie chooses to use drugs to bond with her fellow inmates, Jaclin finds acceptance by creating her own jail clothing line, bringing pink flare and positivity to the inmates of I-Pod, but causing heated confrontations with the officers.

  • The participants toe the line between blowing their cover or going full inmate while trying to stay focused on their purpose in the midst of wild parties and difficult cellmates.

  • In I-Pod, Jaclin begins to alienate the officers, inmates and her fellow participant, Stephanie, who decides to plot against her. Meanwhile, Zone 500 is raided for contraband after Alan's roommate makes a shank, and Matt is at odds with his roommate Lawrencein Zone 600, and fears he may have to fight him.

  • As the phase two participants settle into the Fulton County Jail and new ones enter, inmate feuds and power-plays bring participants face to face with real danger and real charges.

  • With two participants already inside the jail and three more entering, phase two will shatter expectations, open old wounds and put everyone's safety in jeopardy. The Season 4 premiere.

  • The eight participants from Season 3 come together with Col. Mark Adger to discuss how they assimilated, survived and navigated the challenges of being an inmate at the Fulton County Jail.

  • Participants Matt and Michelle face tough choices regarding drug use that put their safety, and time in the program, at risk.

  • An uproar in Zone 500 results when an inmate claims to be a Marine, Jon is taken advantage of by a new inmate with the same name, and Michelle gets caught in the middle of a drug deal gone wrong.

  • A chaotic mass evacuation drill in 500 turns dangerous when inmates slip their restraints, and a rumor about the program in the women's pod puts two participants in a vulnerable position.

  • The participants soon realize that small mistakes can lead to major consequences, as the Bloods in 500 continue to rise in power.

  • The male participants in 500 have a hunch who is participating in the program, while the women struggle to continue, and one may even drop out.

  • When there is a flood in the South Annex, chaos ensues. Respect issues push our participants to the brink of despair in the Fulton County Jail.

  • The participants are apprehensive to make alliances that could put them at risk, and face difficult obstacles in an effort to survive life inside.

  • A violent fight in the women's pod and an abuse of power in pod 600 cause extended lockdowns, proving that cell mates will determine the jail experience.

  • As participants settle into Fulton County Jail and new ones enter, inmates becomes suspicious and power-plays keep everyone alert.

  • The first five participants enter Fulton County Jail and encounter drug use and sexual behavior.

  • In Atlanta's Fulton County Jail, 17 undercover volunteers enter the facility to find solutions to contraband, drug smuggling, and gang violence.

  • A collection of memorable moments from the first two seasons of the series.

  • Seven months after spending time under cover in Indiana's Clark County Jail, the eight participants in Phase Two of the program share their perspectives; the reunited friends throw an engagement party for Dion and his fiancee.

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