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The television series Bachelor in Paradise is a reality show that features people that are looking for love. This show is set in an exotic location such as an island. Over the course of the series the men and the women get to know each other. The men give a rose to the women they would like to spend more time with. When couples start to like each other two new men are brought to this tropical location.

The duration of this show is seven weeks. Every week for this time two people will leave the island and be sent home without finding their true love. At the end of the show a man and a woman will be in love. After the show ends it is up to the pair to chose whether to continue their romance with their new partner.

Mondays and Tuesdays 8:00 PM et/pt on ABC
4 Seasons, 39 Episodes
August 4, 2014
Cast: Chris Harrison, Carly Waddell, Jorge, Jared Haibon
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Bachelor in Paradise Full Episode Guide

  • As the season finale begins, the couples must decide whether to leave together and explore their relationship outside of Paradise, or go their separate ways.

  • A new female arrival doubles her odds by liking both sexes; hopeful heartbreakers return to Paradise and target other women's men; a double-dater bails out to spend more time with the woman he's serious about; two bachelorettes storm out, cursing the close-knit couples who caused their downfall.

  • A new arrival talks to every woman in Paradise before one accepts his date card; a hotter new arrival gets an easy date, even though her last date thought they were an item; double daters go speed boating and zip lining; an eager suitor takes a cautious bachelorette to a town fair.

  • A virgin arrives with a date card; a couple shop for sexy swimsuits and get wild in the water; a sweet duo experience their first fight in Paradise; a guy is torn between the "right option" and a "more exciting option"; a popular bachelor leaves Paradise before handing out a rose when he can't decide between two admirers.

  • A cast-off member from Rachel's season of "The Bachelorette" arrives, putting couples at odds. Later, a cocktail party leads to the first rose ceremony of the season.

  • A new girl is disappointed the guys are already paired up; a disinterested bachelor upsets an indecisive bachelorette so she leaves Paradise in hopes of getting back the man she rejected; three ladies are left without roses; a struggling suitor concludes things with his emotional bachelorette who exits Paradise again without the man of her dreams.

  • The crew welcomes a hotly anticipated appearance who asks a desperate bachelorette for a date; insecurities try one couple's limits and cause them to question their relationship.

  • A bachelor terminates his relationship with a fickle bachelorette and leaves Paradise; a popular couple return to Paradise and deliver a date card that causes problems for two couples.

  • A distraught bachelor proceeds to cope with the emotional wreckage of his crying ex who is unable to move on from him; four single gals look to the remaining bachelor wild card for an opportunity to secure a rose.

  • A drama queen arrives to find her ex is interested in someone else, which upsets her.

  • A recently single bachelor makes a desperate beg for the heart of a taken lady; the unattached men try to bring their A-game to the cocktail celebration so they won't be sent home.

  • This week the women are in power; a few of the singles are coupled up and aren't afraid to show it; one bachelor is upset when an aggressive suitor steals his lady.

  • One bachelor must leave paradise early and insults Chris Harrison and his cast members on his way out. Back at the house, everyone celebrates his exit as they return to finding love.

  • In the third season premiere, former "Bachelors" and "Bachelorettes" arrive in paradise ready to find love.

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