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Dragon Ball Z Kai

Dragon Ball z Kai is a highly acclaimed anime television program that first aired in the Fuji TV. The animation has now been digitally remade and now is shown is high definition sound and picture to provide viewers with a better experience. This shows theme song is preformed by Takayoshi Tanimoto, A singer/ songwriter, and the songs are called, Dragon soul, which is the opening theme song and, Yeah! Break! Care! Break, which is the name of the song for the closing credits. It also has talented voice actors who bring life to their characters, thus making the show exciting.

This show has an enticing plot that is based on another TV program and starts when the planet Vegeta, run by Friena, was taken over by Goku on earth. After five years passed, Goku won the 23rd World National Martial Arts tournament and marries Chi-Chi, who has a son named Gohan with Goku.

Gohan and his father head to a reunion with Goku's friends at the master Roshi's island. Meanwhile on earth, a spaceship comes plunging down and crashed, a man wearing battle attire steps out from the wreckage. He came to earth with the intent to look for a powerful life form, which he searches for using a gadget on his eye. This man almost killed Piccolo, but this was averted once the man determined that there was a more powerful life source, Goku. The stranger then finds Goku and to Goku's surprise, the stranger has a monkey tail similar to the one he previously had.

The Stranger introduces himself as Raditz, Goku's older brother. Goku wasn't able to remember because when he was just a child he suffered from a devastating fall which caused him to suffer brain damage. Raditz tells Goku that he is actually one of the last remaining Saiyan aliens, a species of powerful life forms. He also tells Goku that he is here on earth to extinguish the human population and asks Goku if he would help him accomplish this. When Goku refuses, Raditz holds him captive.

Piccolo finds out and asks Goku if he would like to team up and defeat Raditz. Goku accepts and soon they chase after Raditz. When Piccolo and Goku confront him, Raditz is not afraid because he says that the 2 Saiyans have more power than Goku.

This show brings its viewers crazy, action-packed scenarios and situations and brings them excitement.

Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays at 8:00 PM et/pt on NickToons
4 Seasons, 159 Episodes
January 22, 2002
Cast: Masako Nozawa, Jôji Yanami, Mayumi Tanaka, Ryô Horikawa

Dragon Ball Z Kai Full Episode Guide

  • Majin Buu returns to the battlefield with suspiciously renewed confidence. Turning his focus to Trunks and Goten, he goads them into becoming Gotenks once more.

  • Gohan tests his newfound power against Super Buu in brutal combat.

  • The battle between Gotenks and Super Buu ends abruptly when Buu inexplicable falls asleep. Gohan is finally ready to unleash his new powers.

  • A newly powered up Gotenks seeks vengeance on Super Buu, but Buu has made it clear he won't go down without a fight.

  • Piccolo has destroyed the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, trapping himself and Gotenks with Super Buu. After Buu escapes, the others become desperate to free themselves as well.

  • Super Buu and Gotenks square off inside the Hyperbolic Time Chamber and Gotenks reveals a new ability.

  • Piccolo stalled Super Buu for as long as he could. But it's time for the rematch between Super Buu and Gotenks.

  • Piccolo convinces Super Buu to wait for one hour before battling Trunks and Goten while they train in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.

  • Majin Buu retaliates against his attackers while Gohan continues powering up. Goten and Trunks take a break to regain their strength.

  • Goten and Trunks complete their first successful Fusion. Will it be enough to defeat Majin Buu?

  • Gohan has mastered the Z-Sword, but Goten and Trunks are still struggling with Fusion. Meanwhile, Majin Buu's destruction is briefly put on pause.

  • Goku's time is running out to teach the boys the Fusion technique. Will they manage to master it before he's forced to return to Otherworld?

  • Free of Babidi's influence, Buu becomes more destructive than ever as he waits for the arrival of Trunks and Goten. Elsewhere, Gohan continues his training with the Z-Sword.

  • Trunks tries to locate the Dragon Radar while Goku continues to stall Majin Buu

  • Trunks is sent on a special mission while Goku distracts Babidi and Buu with an earth-shaking display of power.

  • Gohan finds a new weapon in the Sacred World of the Kais. Goku struggles to teach Goten and Trunks the Fusion technique.

  • Bulma resurrects the fallen spectators and Goku rushes to ensure she doesn't use up the rest of her wishes too soon. Buu continues his rampage and Babidi makes an announcement to the world.

  • Bulma resurrects the fallen spectators and Goku rushes to ensure she doesn't use up the rest of her wishes too soon.

  • For His Beloved Ones. The End Of The Proud Warrior!

  • The Z Fighters gather as Vegeta makes his stand against Majin Buu

  • Gohan uses what's left of his strength to protect the Supreme Kai and the Z Fighters find an unlikely ally in their fight against Majin Buu.

  • Majin Buu has been reborn.

  • When Goku learns about Vegeta's ambitions, he agrees to a fight, but insists they take the battle away from the crowd of innocent bystanders.

  • Android 18 offers to throw her fight against a hopelessly outmatched Mr. Satan if he agrees to pay her double the prize money; Goten and Trunks fly off to investigate the spaceship; Gohan and Dabura begin their battle.

  • To find Babidi, Goku and the others will have to fight their way through various opponents waiting on his ship. Vegeta steps up to handle the first stage, but Babadi uses magic to give his opponent the upper hand.

  • Goku and the others join the Supreme Kai in his search for Yamu and Spopovitch. As they travel, Shin explains what the devious duo were after and warns them of an ancient evil known as Majin Buu.

  • Spopovitch continues his savage assault on Videl who refuses to admit defeat.

  • An Eerie Entity. Who Exactly is Spopovitvh?

  • MR. Satan plays off his defeat at the hands of the Junior Division Champion. While Goku and the gang have an all-out feast, Trunks and Goten plan to get into the Adult Division drawing. A mysterious stranger approaches Goku, Keen to fight him.

  • The Battle between Trunks and Goten escalates as the two ramp up their attacks in front of a bewildered audience. The one who emerges victor is given a chance to fight Mr. Satan, but the former World Champion knows he hardly stands a chance.

  • As the crowd enjoys the tournament's opening ceremonies, a preliminary round determines the final 16 adult fighters who will compete in the ring. Meanwhile, the first round of the junior-division competition is about to begin!

  • Gohan and the gang knuckle down on their individual training regiments in preparation for the World Martial Arts Tournament. When the day arrives, everyone gathers on the tournament grounds, where a father and son meet for the first time.

  • Vegeta puts his new powers to the test in a shocking slugfest with Cell. Back in the Room of Spirit and Time, Goku attempts to teach Gohan the secret to a Super Saiyan transformation!

  • Desperate to help Android 18 escape, Tien places his own life at risk in an unwinnable battle with the monster Cell. When the three-eyed warrior's power quickly fades, he'll need a lift from a friend to avoid a gruesome end!

  • After defeating Piccolo, Cell turns his attention to his true prey: Androids 17 and 18. The monster must absorb them both to achieve his perfect form, but Android 16 still stands in his way!

  • Cell's arrival forces Piccolo and the Androids into an uneasy - and temporary - alliance. While the Super Namekian mounts a desperate, final attack, Goku and Gohan wait for Vegeta to emerge from the Room of Spirit and Time!

  • Piccolo and Android 17 trade blows in a battle of unprecedented brutality! Cell - sensing their presence - races to the scene of the skirmish in pursuit of his terrifying perfect form!

  • Goku leads his Saiyan brethren to a secret room designed for highly-advanced training. Meanwhile, Piccolo puts his enhanced powers to the test against an Android adversary!

  • Trunks heads to the future to take care of some things with androids and monstrous Cell. Goku takes in his new atmosphere and searches for a fight.

  • In the aftermath of battle, Dende heals the injured heroes and calls the magic Dragon Balls in an attempt to resurrect those killed during Cell's rampage!

  • Cell returns with plans to obliterate planet Earth once and for all! Gohan is badly injured, but with help from his friends - and a pep talk from his fallen father - he summons a Kamehameha Wave that just might save the world!

  • During their investigation of the second time machine, Gohan and company stumble upon the shell of what appears to be a monstrous creature. Later, a horrific vision forces Kami to accept his fate and merge with Piccolo!

  • Cell releases the full force of his power; Gohan remains brave in the face of danger; Goku calls for his son to deliver the final blow.

  • Gohan's is overcome with rage as he races to rescue his friends; new powers are tested in a battle with the Cell Juniors.

  • In the battle against Gohan, Cell seeks reinforcement.

  • Gohan replaces his father in a match against Cell; Gohan must release his inner fury.

  • Goku and Cell battle until both warriors are exhausted. With the fate of the world hanging in the balance, Goku does the unthinkable - he retires!

  • Goku and Cell demonstrate ferocious fighting! The monster makes things more interesting by blowing up the ring, and Goku responds with a devastating Kamehameha Wave.

  • Goku and Cell prepare to square off in what may be the greatest battle in history! Both fighters are hesitant to reveal their true powers, but once blows are exchanged, the violence quickly escalates!

  • The tournament is about to begin, and hulking human with a devilish name is slated to be the first challenger! Can the arrogant champion make good on his boasts, or will Cell teach him the meaning of the word pain?

  • Goku continues his quest to resurrect the Dragon Balls by scouring the galaxy in search of the Namekians. Back on Earth, a cocky martial artist dares to enter Cell's tournament!

  • The army attacks Cell, but the puny Earthlings prove to be no match for the monster. In the aftermath of battle, Goku hatches a plan to revive the magic Dragon Balls!

  • Goku's newfound strength is powerful, but is it enough to defeat Cell?

  • Trunks, Vegeta and krillin decide the only way to beat Cell is to go back into the hyperbolic chamber to train, and a new ally emerges...

  • Goku and Gohan keep training. Trunks learns a hard lesson.

  • Vegeta launches an attack leaving Cell shorthanded.

  • Gohan and Goku continue to train, but has Goku been soft with his son?

  • Cell goads Vegeta into allowing him to help his perfect form; Android 18's resistance fails.

  • Gohan has a hard time achieving Super Saiyan status; Vegeta considers allowing Cell to achieve his perfect form; Krillin succumbs to his feelings for an Android.

  • Vegeta tries his new powers in a battle with Cell; Goku attempts to teach Gohan the secret to Super Saiyan transformation.

  • Tien risks his life to help Android 18 get away from the monster Cell.

  • After beating Piccolo, Cell turns his attention to Androids 17 and 18; Android 16 gets in the way of Cell getting his perfect form.

  • Piccolo and the Androids are forced into an alliance; Goku and Gohan wait for Vegeta to appear from the Room of Spirit and Time.

  • Piccolo and Android 17 trade hits in a brutal battle; Cell tries to find his form.

  • Goku leads the Saiyan to a secret place to train for battle; Piccolo tests his powers against an android adversary.

  • Cell continues his rampage; Krillin and Trunks ruin Dr. Gero's laboratory; Goku awakens from and long slumber.

  • When Cell thinks that he has defeated Piccolo, he reveals the truth of his origins.

  • The Super Namekian must face a scary monster.

  • While investigating the time machine, Goku finds the shell of a creature; a vision makes Kami to merge with Piccolo.

  • An enemy who can't be beat, forces Vegeta to leave in rage; Piccolo hopes to increase his power.

  • Vegeta and his friends meet their end by Androids; Goku is Earth's only chance.

  • The new Androids 17 and 18 show their power; Vegeta is outnumbered.

  • Piccolo looks for Dr. Gero's secret laboratory. Vegeta tries to destroy Android 20. Trunks tries to save his father.

  • Vegeta's sudden arrival creates an opening for the others to rescue Goku. While Yamcha rushes the fallen hero to safety, Vegeta reveals his new and improved fighting style - including the Big Bang Attack!

  • After Goku is seemingly defeated by Frieza, Gohan enters the fight to avenge the loss of his father. Meanwhile, a newly resurrected Dende rushes to make a final wish before planet Namek is destroyed.

  • Kami and King Kai concoct a plan to restore the wish-granting power of the Namekian Dragon Balls, and Goku continues his epic battle with the villainous Frieza!

  • Goku tells the amazing story of how he survived the destruction of Namek, and the heroic warriors begin their training for a looming showdown with the Androids!

  • While Gohan races to save Piccolo, Goku inflicts a Super-Saiyan beating on Frieza. The blonde brawler's impressive new powers drive his opponent to a desperate counterattack that could obliterate Namek!

  • With the help of his friends, Goku succeeds in blasting Frieza with a gargantuan Spirit Bomb! Victory seems assured, but when the monster remerges to strike a shockingly fatal blow - Goku undergoes a powerful transformation!

  • When his most powerful attacks fail to faze Frieza, Goku turns to his ultimate weapon: the Spirit Bomb! Piccolo joins the fight to buy Goku some time, but can the noble Namekian survive long enough to taste sweet victory?

  • After suffering a savage beating at the hands of Frieza, Goku summons the awesome power of the Kaio-Ken! If his desperate attack succeeds, victory will be his, but if it fails, the Saiyan race will be eliminated!

  • The bruises are multiplying as Goku and Frieza continue to pummel each other mercilessly! Meanwhile, Bulma's encounter with an unusual frog leads to an out-of-body experience!

  • Goku and Frieza go head to head in a vicious slugfest that threatens to destroy the planet of Namek. Krillin and Gohan are amazed by the brutality of the battle, but Piccolo believes two warriors are just warming up!

  • Goku arrives at the battle scene only to find Vegeta battered and badly beaten. With his dying breath, the Saiyan prince reveals the truth about Frieza's roll in the death of Goku's father, prompting a fierce outburst of Saiyan pride!

  • Vegeta gives his increased power and speed a test run by launching a violent attack on Frieza, but no matter how furiously he fights, the Saiyan is unable to penetrate his enemy's defenses!

  • Despite the danger of Namek's impending implosion, Goku continues his battle with Frieza, determined to extract revenge for Krillin's murder. Elsewhere, Gohan tries to locate Bluma before it's too late!

  • Piccolo joins the battle in progress and quickly attacks Frieza with the strength of two Namekian warriors. The powerful villain is caught off guard, but a second transformation gives him the strength to finish the fight once and for all!

  • With the help of his friends, Goku succeeds in blasting Frieza with a gargantuan Spirit Bomb! Victory seems assured, but when the monster remerges to strike a shockingly fatal blow - Goku undergoes a powerful transformation!

  • Piccolo is resurrected and ready to rumble, but his arrival is delayed by an encounter with a dying Namekian. Meanwhile, Vegeta prepares to throw down with Frieza, but the Saiyan prince may be badly overmatched.

  • Gohan and Krillin - with the aid of the young Namekian Dende - rush to make their wishes before Vegeta or Frieza discover their trickery. When the dragon is unable to grant their request, a departed ally offers advice from the afterlife.

  • Goku and his body are reunited, but the noble Saiyan is severely injured and unable to fight. A Namekian messenger rushes to assist Gohan and Krillin in summoning Shenron, but there's no guarantee he'll arrive before Frieza.

  • Gohan and Krillin unearth the Dragon Balls, but their attempts to summon Shenron fail miserably. Later, Cpt. Ginyu's devious strategy forces Earth's warriors to do the unthinkable: attack Goku's flesh and bones with chilling ferocity!

  • Frieza locates the Eldest Namekian, but Nail intercepts the evil entity, risking his own life to preserve the Dragon Balls. Elsewhere, Gohan and Krillin rescue a damsel from some dinosaurs, and Goku continues his battle with Cpt. Ginyu.

  • As Frieza prepares for his ruthless interrogation of the Eldest Namekian, Goku shows off the benefits of training in gravity one hundred times that of Earth. Will it be enough to help him defeat Captain Ginyu?

  • The only way Vegeta can defeat Frieza's final transformation is to suffer a mortal wound.

  • Piccolo Frieza with the strength of two Namekian warriors.

  • Vegeta is impressed by Gohan's outburst after Frieza strikes a death blow against Krillin.

  • Vegeta prepares to throw down with Frieza, but is it evenly matched?

  • Gohan and friends try making their wishes before Vegeta or Frieza discover their motives.

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