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Standing out in high school is crucial. If you don't stand out, you won't be noticed. If you're not noticed, you might as well hide in a corner all day. At Hester High in Austin, the more different you are, the more popularity you gain. Karma and Amy are both painfully aware of this fact. So they make it their mission to stand out among the rest. But at what cost?

Karma and Amy decide to pull the ultimate ruse in pretending they are a lesbian couple, after being mistaken for one at a party for cool kids. This peaks their classmates interest and before they know it, they're nominated as homecoming Queens. Now that they've gained the notoriety they've always wanted, why dare stop now? They keep the clever charade going. But is it really just a charade, or is it more? Karma goes about her life, keeping her boyfriend a secret, all the while Amy starts to question her true feelings.

Monday 10:30 PM et/pt on MTV
3 Seasons, 40 Episodes
April 22, 2014
Cast: Rita Volk, Katie Stevens, Gregg Sulkin, Bailey De Young
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Faking It Full Episode Guide

  • With the new year approaching, Karma is determined to make Amy happy; and Lauren's self-esteem is wounded when someone from the past returns.

  • Karma tries to dig up dirt on Sabrina, who's growing closer to Amy; Liam tries to set up Lauren; and Shane seeks advice.

  • Lauren's quest to save Christmas in Hester puts Amy in a difficult position. Karma helps Felix ask Amy to go out with him. Shane makes a shocking discovery about Noah.

  • Karma's rivalry with Amy's old camp friend erupts; Liam struggles to stay on Lauren's good side; and Noah's mixed signals continue to confuse Shane.

  • Amy and Karma are excited to use the Hester Halloween party as an opportunity to move on, unfortunately they find themselves stuck on the past. Shane is suspicious of Liam.

  • Additional information about Karma's home life derails Amy and Lauren's plan to reunite their parents; and Liam and Shane have dinner with Liam's rabbi.

  • Amy decides to do a documentary about Lauren to keep herself preoccupied; Karma and Shane start a band.

  • Amy and Liam keep a secret from Karma; Lauren and Shane try to establish peace between Amy and Karma.

  • Amy and Karma are ready to reconcile, but neither wants to be the first one to say "sorry"; Zita shows her support for Liam.

  • In the season premiere, Amy is met my multiple changes in Austin; Liam is green with envy.

  • Hester's fate is in suspense; and Amy makes a meaningful choice.

  • Lauren and Amy give a party at their home; and Karma recreates herself.

  • Karma and Shane compete against each other; and Amy is shocked by fresh perceptions.

  • When Prom is deemed mandatory, quite a few students must rush to find a date.

  • Karma and Amy act like they are together one last time; and Shane and Liam attempt to get back in the flow.

  • Tensions come to a head when the gang gets detention.

  • Amy and Lauren are suspicious of an affair by one of their parents. While Karma and Shane are uneasy about their relationships.

  • Amy attends a college fair makes and reconsiders her future. Liam thinks he's found his real dad.

  • Shane and Amy help Lauren get revenge on Theo. Karma and Reagan have to work together.

  • Shane organizes a revolt after a new principal complicates things with Hester. Amy believes that Karma is hiding something.

  • Amy and Karma have an argument that could end their friendship permanently. Lauren discovers their relationship isn't all as it seems. Liam prepares for the future, while Shane goes too far.

  • The school participates in a social experiment. Shane and Lauren are unsure about their relationships.

  • Lauren enters a beauty pageant, so Amy decides to give her a little competition by entering it as well.

  • Shane wants Duke to meet his friends, but Duke doesn't want to come out. Lauren and Theo start figuring things out in their relationship. Reagan wants to meet Amy's friends and ends up finding out about Karma and Amy's past relationship at a group hang with Shane, Duke, Theo, Lauren, Karma, Liam, Amy, and Reagan. Amy and Reagan make up but things aren't going so well for Karma and Liam. Liam isn't sure if Karma is fully over Amy due to her efforts to show Reagan how well she knew Amy.

  • Liam makes an embarrassing mistake. Shane and Amy invite Lauren to attend a dance party.

  • Amy plans a scavenger hunt to celebrate Karma's sixteenth birthday.

  • Karma, Lauren, and Shane compete for a spot in Hester's super elite drama club. Amy shows up uninvited at a ritzy party at Liam's mansion to make sure he keeps their secret.

  • A busload of foreigners arrive at the school, and Lauren throws a classic carnival.

  • Karma and Amy address the tension between them during a girls' weekend.

  • In the second season premiere, Amy is wracked with guilt after her tryst with Liam.

  • Take a sneak peak into the first episode of MTV's second season of Faking It!

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