One Sunny Day
One Warm Word

Jim Henson's Mother Goose Stories

Mother Goose tells her three mischievous goslings the tales behind well-known nursery rhymes.

3 Seasons, 39 Episodes
January 1, 1990
Cast: London Kim

Jim Henson's Mother Goose Stories Full Episode Guide

  • Peter's passion for his pumpkin patch poses problems for his wife until their son provides the answer — they can grow themselves a house!

  • Who will win the pot of gold by jumping over the Great Candle of the Glimmers? Many try, but can Jack B. Nimble succeed where others have failed?

  • Miss Muffet was rich. She had maids to do this, she had maids to do that, and a nurse called Nurse Holloweg. But when they wouldn't let her do what she wanted, she ran off but got such a fright, it made her run right...

  • Boy Blue is asleep while he should be at work. When the Squire comes round, he's angry for the sheep are in the meadow and the cow is in the corn. But there's a good reason why Boy Blue can't stay awake.

  • Jack is working in the forest when he hears some urgent cries. It's a traveler who has fallen in a bog. Is it too late for Jack to rescue him or can he save the day and earn himself one of his grandmother's Christmas...

  • When Eensy Weensy Spider is washed down the water spout, he's washed right down the drain and into the long-lost cavern where two explorers are trapped. Can he climb back up to save them all?

  • A slice of bread and butter is a feast to Tommy Tucker for he hasn't any money to buy food. But he has to sing a song for it and singing isn't easy for a boy who's never tried.

  • Wrigley Squiggley is unhappy being the only straight person in the crooked land until he discovers that he can do something that makes him very special.

  • Lost, alone in the big dark forest, Jenny must show the wolves how bad she can be.

  • Eenie, Meenie, Minie and Khan the tiger are all in Mr. Mo's circus. When Khan runs away, he's soon caught and invited to come back to the circus.

  • Old King Cole was a merry old soul before he wore a crown. Then a touch of luck made him King and happiness ruled the land.

  • Little Bobby tries to write a song that tells a story, but he's stuck on the first line: "Hey Diddle Diddle." Then his cat inspires a crazy tale, but only after getting caught up in a fiddle.

  • The Grand Old Duke marches to the top of the hill only to find his castle has been taken over, But his faithful servant Youngblood has a plan.

  • A prince needs a riddle to baffle the King so he can marry his beloved princess. But he can't think of one until an egg comes along and an idea is hatched.

  • A butcher, a baker and a candlestickmaker set sail to find adventure. But when a storm blows up, they are saved by a rotten potato.

  • Two little dicky birds sitting on the palace wall would like to become royal dicky birds. Will the Princess have them?

  • Two bags full is a lot of wool for any sheep to grow. But Baa Baa has a special reason to grow at least one more. Can she do it?

  • Evelyn the wicked witch is turning all the people in the kingdom into animals and only the man in green — Hector Protector — can save the day. Can he do it in time?

  • Jackie the scarecrow is employed to scare the crows. But, instead, they come to the farm to hear him sing.

  • No moon in the sky? Why? Gilbert Filbert and Rufus the dog make an amazing discovery and take a night trip to Norwich.

  • The school rule says "no pets!" But Woolworth the lamb has his own ideas.

  • When a shooting star comes down to Earth, Stella gets her wish — but it doesn't turn out as she expected.

  • Jack and Jill go up the hill to fetch a pail of water. But when they tumble down there's a very large fire-breathing surprise at the bottom.