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Kid Diners

Kid Diners is a kid-focused food series that's all about kids getting their hands into the world of cooking.

1 Season, 13 Episodes
January 1, 2016
Cast: Xander Boulard, Aynalem Martens

Kid Diners Full Episode Guide

  • There's no cutlery allowed for Xander and Aynalem in Saskatoon! Aynalem harvests wheat on a tractor and then goes to make authentic Ethiopian injera bread. Then Xander picks peppers to give a kick to steamed Korean buns.

  • Aynalem and Xander areFrench cuisine. Xander forages in the forest for wild mushrooms to make a delicious sauce for steak. And Aynalem picks up fresh ingredients at a farmer's market to make an eggs benedict.

  • Xander and Aynalem are discovering the world of bread in Ottawa, Ontario! Aynalem goes to a cranberry farm to get fresh ingredients for scones. Then Xander catches some z's - zucchinis that is - for millet croquettes.

  • Aynalem and Xander are in Prince Edward Island looking for seafood and they find it! Xander's rocky boat ride doesn't stop him from catching, cooking and eating lobster. And Anyalem gets a workout collecting fresh mussels.

  • In the great outdoors of Riding Mountain National Park, Aynalem and Xander are there for a cookout - Kid Diner style! Aynalem uncovers some fresh beets for a colorful salad to accompany an outdoor grilled steak.

  • Xander and Aynalem explore this food lover's paradise. Xander gets busy as a bee when he looks for honey to sweeten a tasty salmon dish. And Aynalem makes friends with lettuce and comes up with a fancy Hawaiian salad.

  • Xander and Aynalem are looking for the catch of the day; Aynalem heads out on the lake fishing for her lunch that she'll eat on a private island; Xander searches for fresh dill that will help make complete his fish dish.

  • Aynalem and Xander are in Steinbach, MB, looking for pioneer food; Aynalem mills flour in a windmill and bakes authentic pioneer bread; Xander milks a cow to make the German Mennonite dish, varenechi with schmauntfat!

  • Xander and Aynalem are on the hunt for fresh food. Aynalem milks a goat for cheese to put in a ravioli dinner; Xander learns about free-range chickens before getting in the kitchen to make a chicken dish.

  • Aynalem and Xander go on a worldwide food journey all in the city of Kingston, Ontario; Xander finds some juicy tomatoes for an authentic Italian dish; Aynalem finds herself in a field for fresh garlic.

  • It's a battle between Aynalem and Xander to see who can make the best breakfast in Victoria, BC.

  • Aynalem and Xander have noodles on the brain in Toronto, Ontario! Aynalem stretches her kitchen skills to make some hand-pulled noodles. Then Xander makes Udon noodles with help from a machine straight from Japan!