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"Man, Fire, Food" is a travel and cooking program, hosted by the Trinidadian musician and chef, Roger Mooking. The dishes and recipes featured on "Man, Fire, Food" all revolve around being prepared by large, open flames, much like the sort of fire one needs when grilling vegetables or barbecuing meat. Additionally, the show also draws attention to the pursuit of customized grilling devices, such as "The Big Red Rig" barbeque pit-truck combo of South Carolina.

"Man, Fire, Food" visits at least two locations in every episode. Among the various locations featured on the show include: a Texas ranch in order to better learn about "chuck wagon" cowboy recipes like chicken-fried steak and Dutch oven peach cobbler, the Santa Maria ranch in California, the cooking pits of South Carolina BBQ masters, coastal California for a traditional Hawaiian-style whole roasted pig, and even Hawaii for a massive charcoal-grilled array of roast chickens.

Tuesday 10:00 PM et/pt on Cooking Channel
7 Seasons, 84 Episodes
September 18, 2012
Cast: Roger Mooking
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Man, Fire, Food Full Episode Guide

  • Roger Mooking is going hog wild for the most insane pig roasts in the country. First, he's in Hawaii to roast a whole pig in a traditional underground oven called an imu.

  • It's pure carnivore extravagance as Roger Mooking visits pitmasters cooking meat in massive quantities. First, there's no time for low and slow as Roger heads to San Antonio to fire up an altar of meat in over 600-degree heat. He skewers a deep green chorizo verde and Mexican-style cabrito -- an entire milk-fed goat. Next, a Central California robotics engineer shows Roger his latest invention -- a 40-foot trailer with room for 600 pounds of meaty magnificence -- and Roger is introduced to California mac and cheese loaded with smoky tri-tip steak. Then he's off to the Santa Maria California Elks Club to load dozens of heavy-duty rods with 60 pounds of sizzling top sirloin in their legendary barbecue room. Finally, Roger checks out a Louisiana smokehouse with 60 years of history and possibly the Bayou's best sausage. He helps smoke entire shacks loaded with beef sausage, Andouille, whole chickens, turkey necks and Tasso ham to make a truly authentic Louisiana po' boy.

  • Roger's learning to rig up and roast whole animals with some truly wild techniques. First he'll learn an ancient Argentine method of roasting lamb upright over coals by hanging them on cast iron crosses in the open air. Then he catches a six-foot sturgeon and stuffs it to the gills with fresh veggies for an outdoor feast. Back on land, a South Carolina pitmaster shows Roger his new high-tech rigs, capable of cooking a room full of hogs, ultra low and slow with a thirteen hour cook time.

  • Join the party as Roger Mooking visits three of the greatest fire-roasted ragers that cook mountains of meat and keep the barbecue faithful lining up for more. First, it's all hands on deck in Owensboro, Ky., for a church picnic with nearly four tons of meat and a crowd of 4,000 carnivores. Then, he heads to a Wisconsin winery where they've built a contraption to roast an entire 1,200-pound steer for their annual celebration of beer, wine and beef. Finally, Roger makes waves in New England at a 70-year-old fish festival, sculpting a scorching 12-foot ring of fire for over 300 pounds of shad on upright boards.

  • Roger does some island-hopping for the best eats in Hawaii. He heats up an imu in a traditional underground oven in Oahu and barrel smokes chicken, ribs and fresh fish in Kauai.

  • Roger Mooking is going from the west coast to the east coast to check out crazy custom contraptions. First, he gets to play with a one-of-a-kind "meat swing set" in West Sacramento, Calif. Custom-built for Chef Beau Fairbairn, it can cook a whole animal or two, and still have room left over. Roger and Beau slow-cook a whole hog and an entire garden's worth of vegetables over a 12-foot-long wood fire. Then, Roger heads to school in farm country, New Jersey, where cooking-school founder, Ian Knauer, teaches open-fire cooking. Today's lessons: whole lamb roasted over a wood fire on a 5-foot hand-powered rotisserie, accompanied by salsa verde made with herbs from the farm and vegetables roasted in a wood-fired oven.

  • Roger Mooking heads to the country music capital Nashville, where chefs are playing meaty tunes. At Urban Grub, Chef Edgar Pendley fans the flames in a massive 18-foot-tall hearth and hangs a wall of house-made andouille sausages and pork ribs rubbed with sorghum and spices. Those sausages head into a kettle brimming with a flavorful boil with crawfish, fire-roasted potatoes, and corn. Whole hog barbecue is the main attraction at Martin's Bar-B-Que Joint. Pit Master Pat Martin shares a passion project with Roger, a six-foot-tall rig that can smoke a flock of spice-rubbed chickens suspended in air. To complete this chorus of fiery flavors, there's a side of meaty baked beans and slow-roasted cabbage wedges.

  • In his search for impressive fiery feasts, Roger Mooking finds two meaty marvels. In Palatine, IL, heavy metal couple Greg and Kristina Gaardbo run Rockin Rodizio, a catering company that specializes in Brazilian-style Barbecue that cooks hot and fast. They have three massive rotisseries that are loaded with snappy sausages, succulent pastrami pork ribs, tomahawk steaks, and even cinnamon rolls topped with whiskey icing. Next Roger heads to Brooklyn, where Pit Master Tyson Ho brings traditional North Carolina-style whole hog barbecue to the Big Apple. Tyson and Roger roast up a whole hog and serve it with two scrumptious waffles, one made with sweet potatoes and made entirely out of mac and cheese!

  • Roger Mooking heads to Hoodoo Brown Barbeque in Ridgefield, CT, where owner Cody Sperry serves up monster-sized meaty masterpieces. Cody serves up "outlaw barbeque," a mashup of styles and traditions with smoke pork butts, pork ribs, pork belly and beef brisket. All that pork comes together in the Hogzilla, a towering sandwich with BBQ ranch dressing, fried green tomato and coleslaw. To wash it down, Roger and Hoodoo Brown Barbecue manager, Chris Sexton make a cocktail called, "The Bloody Trinity," which is topped with smoked meat! Finally, Roger makes his way to Nashville, where Vivek Surti, founder of the VEA Supper Club, cooks up a massive hanging whole rib roast crusted with spices and serves it with grilled broccoli salad and roasted sweet potatoes.

  • Roger visits two Texas restaurants to see how they make unique dishes.

  • Roger visits the Lone Star State, and visits Grant Pinkerton to sample some one-of-a-kind cuts, including seasoning and barbecuing two whole goats; Roger meets up with chef Andrew Wiseheart, who slow-spins whole seasoned chicken over coals.

  • Roger meets a pit master with a PhD who cooks Carolina-style whole hog barbecue in Louisiana; Dr. Howard Conyers is an engineer for NASA by day, but a pit master at night, on weekends, and every moment in between.

  • Roger visits Burns Original BBQ in Houston, Texas, and meets Grandpa Roy Burns, who started the business in 1973 to help support his nine children, and his family, who welcome Roger with open arms.

  • Roger visits Liberty Kitchen in Houston, Texas, where Chef Lance Fegen has built a wood-fired Argentinian grill; they prepare a traditional Balinese pig roast and enjoy Mexican pork asado tacos; Roger visits Hickory Nut Gap Farm in Fairview, N.C.

  • Carolina-style barbecue is all about pork and Rodney Scott is the whole hog boss; Roger checks out Rodney's impressive new pit room where whole hogs get cooked low and slow; Rodney hits the hogs with his secret.

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