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Martin Lawrence's First Amendment

Sitcom veteran and standup king Martin Lawrence is back to give you another dose of break your back laughter in First Amendment. Former host of the legendary BET show Comicview, Doug Williams, hosts this Def Jam like comedy series set in Washington, D. C. With over four seasons under its belt, the show features legendary comedians like Rickey Smiley, Don 'DC' Curry, and Christopher “Kid” Reid to name a few.

4 Seasons, 49 Episodes
April 18, 2007

Martin Lawrence's First Amendment Full Episode Guide

  • Guy Torry believes a woman can't be in the Office if she's going to cry, Esau McGraw loves what rap music has done for the classics, Michael Blackson finds the single ladies in the audience, Ronnie Jordan looked forward to lunch every day as a fat kid, Jonathon Gates realized women don't care about what he wants, and Rob Stapleton avoids getting robbed by saying crazy things to himself

  • Gary Owen doesn't like the white people getting picked on, Talent gets nervous when his date orders dessert, Ray Lipowski hates when guys text "k" on their cell phone, Mark Veira is surrounded by crazy women, Special K cell phone gets cut off every month, and Dick Gregory wants to open an all black airline

  • Courtney Gee doesn't think he has to finish paying school loans since he never finished college, Mark Viera never underestimates the power of a small latina woman, and Michael Blackson thinks Americans are spoiled

  • Ronnie Jordan finds it hard as a big man to look sexy, Jonathon Gates hates when a girl eats a salad and tries to steal a bbq rib, and Rob Stapleton is a fan of midget strippers

  • Angus Black recently realized he was fat while on a chat line, Chris Reid declares beige the new black, Lester Barrie hates how comedy audiences have gotten sensitive, and Don "DC" Curry thanks the white public for voting for the President

  • Chalant predicts the President will legalize weed, Esau McGraw complains about his dysfunctional family and his 9-year-old Uncle, and Deon Cole has a friend who is a phone sex operator

  • Kier Spates dissects the hierarchy of a group of girls out, Guy Torry spotted the President at a go-go dance party, and Brooklyn Mike likes when other men admire his woman

  • Rich Vos avoids paying for baggage on airplanes by layering clothing, Turae never misses a sales pitch given by a crackhead, and Gary Owen wonders why ugly girls don't know they're ugly

  • Special K doesn't care about womens well manicured eyebrows, James Hannah has a diva of a 3-year-old daughter, and Rickey Smiley channels the old church lady

  • Charles Walden doesn't like getting recognized in the Social Security Office, Ray Lipowski finds the male organ easier to clean, and Talent weighs the pros and cons of weed vs. alcohol

  • Buddy Lewis spends too much time watching TV while unemployed, Nikki Carr loves Winter for the fat girl dating season, and legendary Dick Gregory reflects on serving his country for 3 days

  • Jamie Teat has been on a diet since he was 8, Eddie Bryant thinks everyone should have a summer home in the 'hood, Shang thinks one day everyone will be black, Lavell Crawford goes to church online, Deon Cole is an equal opportunist when it comes to dating, and the Berry Boyz have an off night

  • Joey Wells finds college useless since becoming a comedian, Meshelle observes the differences in parenting techniques between races, Rickey Smiley takes money out of the church collection basket, Gary Owen cries at every movie, and Bruce Bruce likes tormenting kids in the check-out line

  • Darryl Brunson warns his daughters to keep the cookie jar lid on tight, Red Grant gets uncomfortable in the barber's chair, and Roz likes her men skinny

  • Carmen Barton has kids that ask too many questions, Joey Medina borrows money from women to keep them around, Raymond Grady loves talking to homeless people, and Shang loves the anatomy of women

  • Angelo Lozada thinks New York City taxi drivers are racist, Luenell is tired of the big girls being underappreciated, Will-E Robo loves women in all shapes and sizes, and RodMan hypothesizes the value of a cooler of gas

  • Memphis Redd struggles with single parenthood, B-Phlat has a sexually active 80-year-old grandmother, and Teddy Carpenter finds safety in numbers among black people

  • Ron G was engaged to a dream snatcher, AG White admits the ladies have all the power, and Joe Clair wants to bring back the 80's R&B

  • Jay Phillips hates when cops follow your every move, Rudy Rush is still too immature for a massage at the age of 30, and Gary Owen doesn't want people in jail to pray for him

  • Kym Whitley finds ways to shut up her inner ho, Ray Lipowski is sick of big women using their bras as a money safe, and Steve Brown is tired of being mistaken as a girl in drive-thrus

  • Mozan is scared of running with the skinny white girls at 5 AM, Joe Torry now knows why his father drank when he was a kid, and Lavell Crawford gets greeted by the devil each time he walks into the church

  • Rodney Perry is scared of seeing his daughter in the strip club in 20 years, Deon Cole loves spotting his favorite porn star in LA, and Bruce Bruce can't lose weight with $.99 fast food

  • Don 'DC' Curry apologizes for all of his wrong doings now that he is in his old age and Rickey Smiley's fraternity brothers have a step dance for everything