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My 600-lb Life is a reality show on cable. The show features a new person every week who is 600-lbs, and who has made the decision to change their lives. The decision usually involves losing weight, and in many cases involves some type of surgery. The issue that comes up on the show involves discipline, family concerns and problems, the struggles with adhering to the doctors' orders concerning nutrition and food.

The show also displays facts about obesity in American that can be frightening. The show does a good job of letting viewers get to know something about the person whose going through this, making them a three dimensional and not just a obese person. In one show, a woman realizes that her husband's attitude was negative, and was hurting her terribly.

Tuesday 9:00 PM et/pt on TLC
6 Seasons, 76 Episodes
February 1, 2012
Documentary & Biography
Cast: Younan Nowzaradan, Melissa Morris, Donald Shelton, Henry Foots
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My 600-lb Life Full Episode Guide

  • James LB Bonner spent his early life trying to prove himself to his adoptive family, but after losing a leg and battling obesity, LB must take a new path to save his health and his family relationships.

  • Unable to stand for more than a short period of time, Karina's weight places a burden on her parents and drives a wedge between her and her sister.

  • Liz is completely bed bound with severe lymphedema that makes it impossible to walk. Utterly isolated, with no friends, she battles depression, and lives with her mom who is too ill to take care of her. Liz desperately wants to become mobile.

  • A devoted girlfriend and loving aunt, Alicia is all smiles and laughter on the outside, but on the inside she is terrified that her addiction to food will kill her before she can marry her long-time love or watch her nieces grow up.

  • Janine's extreme obesity leaves her nearly immobile, and even the first steps on her weight loss journey may prove to be too difficult. She must overcome both her physical and emotional pain if she is to live a normal life again.

  • After meeting and falling in love at a bariatric rehab center, Lee and Rena are battling health and anger issues while taking a desperate, second attempt to save their relationship and their lives.

  • Steven Assanti's dysfunction escalates, pushing his relationship with Dr. Nowzaradan to the brink, and a risky decision is made to save Steven's life, while brother Justin takes the leap to go to Houston to finally accept help.

  • Surgery enabled Laura's independence but the complications nearly killed her and she's terrified about the next skin surgery. Chay revealed to her family she was transgender but living life as an overweight woman; can she stick to her weight loss journey?

  • Joe has come a long way from being morbidly obese...He's in love & contemplating proposing to his girlfriend. Just when life holds so much promise, his mom has a few health scares & forces Joe to balance his new love with his mother's health crisis.

  • A daughter's obesity is of great concern to her mother; a woman hopes to qualify for gastric bypass surgery following the devastating death of her husband.

  • Devastated by the sudden loss of her son, Dottie's weight loss journey is in danger of going off track; June embarks on a plan to win approval for skin surgery; Melissa, Jessica and Matt prepare for skin removal surgery.

  • After losing 250 lbs, Nikki is on her way to skin surgery that will transform her body. But when a close friend dies from weight loss surgery, Nikki's progress goes off track. And Mary and Lora prepare for skin removal surgery.

  • Surgery enables Teretha to finally return to family in Detroit, but it soon threatens to undo all the progress she's made. After his weight loss surgery, trucker Chad gets back on the road, but the job is putting any further weight loss in peril.

  • Brittani will have to endure two more painful surgeries to achieve her ideal body. Will Sean finally make a break from his mother's over-protective care? And Annette and Calisto prepare for skin removal surgery.

  • Dr. Nowzaradan is worried Lupe's emotional issues are blocking her weight loss journey since she's shed over 300 lbs. but still can't walk. Ashley is struck with sudden paralysis. Sarah and Roger prepare for skin removal surgery.

  • After a year on a weight loss program, Steven remains completely uncooperative and Justin focuses on a new career instead of his diet, but time is quickly running out for surgery.

  • Steven Assanti weighs nearly 800 pounds and his brother Justin almost 600 pounds. Although they can't stand each other, their father packs up the family to travel across the country and seek help.

  • Most of the extreme weight on Tracey's body is actually on her legs. They're enormous with severe lymphedema, that gastric surgery is her only chance of survival.

  • James is bedridden, unable to stand and can barely move his legs. His family risks his life in an effort to save him.

  • Tanisha weighs around 600-lbs and she's desperate to survive for her kids and avoid her mother's tragic fate of dying at age 50 from super obesity. Now at 32, her future looks grim if she doesn't make a drastic change to save her life.

  • Nicole is at risk for leaving her two young children motherless, but commits to Dr. Nowzaradan's diet program to try to survive a family of addicts.

  • Michael's massive body has left him dependent upon his family, and he must learn to control his anger issues around food, lose weight and address the root of his issues or risk losing everything.

  • Diana, a once thin and active woman, is now a prisoner to her body and trades the comfort of her apartment for a weight loss journey under the strict authority of her niece.

  • After overcoming a dependence on drugs & alcohol, food filled the addiction for Doug. Can this husband, and father of 3 overcome his addictive personality and take control of his eating habits in order to save his life and his marriage?

  • Weighing over 600 pounds, Kirsten is close to losing all her mobility. While she's trying to get control ofher obesity she's also in danger of losing her troubled son. Can Kristen lose the weight, regain her health,and learn to be a mother again?

  • Cynthia is a 610-lb single mother raising five kids and has had a harsh revelation what her death would mean for them. As she battles her emotions and the pressures of life, she is forced to fight even harder to save her own life.

  • Ashley weighs 670 pounds. She and her husband live in her parents' home and she is ready to make a drastic change to save her life and her marriage.

  • Together twins Brandi & Kandi weigh over 1,100 pounds. They are scared of losing each other to obesity.

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As A Child, Liz Tried To Ease Her Pain With Food Clip (02:35) Before Her Lymphodema Surgery, Liz Must First Stand Up Clip (02:55)