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Now You Know

Now You Know answers questions asked by real-life kids!

1 Season, 37 Episodes
January 1, 2014
Cast: Frank Meschkuleit, Marty Stelnick

Now You Know Full Episode Guide

  • Firefighters Howie and Baboo save teddy bear Choo Choo from a make-believe burning toy house, then wonder, how does a firefighter put out fires?

  • Dr. Howienstein and Babor invent a bicycle with wings: the bicy-fly-cicle! When it doesn't fly, they wonder, how do birds fly?

  • Howie and Baboo hit the dance floor in their make believe music video before wondering, why does music make me want to dance?

  • Howie and Baboo watch elephants, zebras, and giraffes on a make-believe safari expedition, then wonder, why does a giraffe have a long neck?

  • Magician game show host Howie brings Baboo onstage to win what's behind door number 3! When the door doesn't open, they wonder, how do some doors open by themselves?

  • Captain Howie and first mate Baboo steer their tall ship away from a waterfall, when they realize they've reached the end of the Earth, and it's flat! They wonder, why does the Earth seem flat when it's actually round?

  • Safari Howie and Baboo are in the jungle searching for a turtle. They sit on a rock, and realize it's a turtle's shell. They wonder, why do some animals have shells?

  • Circus ringmaster Howie introduces the fabulous juggler Baboo, who juggles more and more balls until... back to reality and the balls drop, breaking a glass. They wonder, how is glass made?

  • Soccer player Howie kicks the ball, and goaltender Baboo makes the save! They wonder, why do we sweat?

  • Doggies Howie and Baboo dig in the dirt, fetch, and shake a paw, before wondering, why do dogs sniff everything?

  • Fairies Howie and Baboo frolic amidst make-believe flowers and back in reality by Mom's flowerbed, they wonder, why are flowers so colorful?

  • Howie and Baboo are up in a hot air balloon, watching flying dragons, unicorns, and a squadron of flying squirrels. Back in reality, they wonder, how does a hot air balloon go up?

  • Howie and Baboo reveal their chocolate factory with magical conveyor belts of chocolate! Back in reality, Mom catches them eating chocolate in the kitchen, and they wonder, how is chocolate made?

  • Relic hunter Howie and his trusty sidekick Baboo are in a stone temple trying to find a secret entrance. Howie gets stuck in a spider web, and back to reality in the attic, they wonder, how do spiders make webs?

  • Howie peers through his telescope: he sees London, he sees France. He sees Baboo... in his underpants? After playing, Howie wonders, how do I see with my eyes?

  • Captain Howie and first mate Baboo are in the Starship Answerprise, destination: the Moon! After avoiding a near collision with a meteor, they wonder, why does the moon have holes in it?

  • Superhero Baboo the Spider monkey must save his precious Choo Choo from Howie the Puzzler! In mid-rescue, Mom interrupts their make-believe to remind them it's bedtime. They wonder, why do I have to go to sleep at night?

  • Howie the knight plays Sir Asksalot, and invites Baboo the dragon to share a cookie. In reality, they're playing with puppets, and wonder, how are puppets made?

  • Oobab (Baboo) the alien lands in farmer Howie's field and asks for lemonade to fuel his UFO. Playing make-believe, they wonder, are aliens real?

  • Astronauts Howie and Baboo take off in a space shuttle, and release their seatbelts to find they are weightless. Back in a cardboard version of the capsule, they wonder, why does an astronaut float in space?

  • Fairytale Baboo plants magic seeds that grow into a huge beanstalk that carries him up to the giant, Howie. In reality, they wonder, how do plants grow?

  • Howie the caterpillar watches Baboo the butterfly and dreams of flying. In reality, they wonder, how does a caterpillar turn into a butterfly?

  • Howie and Baboo make believe they are the size of ants, and jump from a flower petal to the back of a giant flying bee! In reality in the backyard, they watch a buzzing bee and wonder, how do bees make honey?

  • Captain Howie and first mate Baboo explore the sea in a yellow submarine and tickle a large cuddly fish. Back in the real world, in the bathtub, they wonder, how does a fish breathe underwater?

  • Dr. Howienstein and Babor flick a switch and bring their robot to life! Back in reality, Howie throws his cardboard robot in the recycling bin and wonders, what happens to recycling after it's picked up?

  • Cowboys Howie and Baboo watch the sun setting over the desert and wonder, where does the sun go at night?

  • All hands on deck as Captain Howie and Baboo sail the high seas and splash down a waterfall. Back to reality in a dinghy in the backyard, Howie wonders, how does water keep flowing down a waterfall?

  • Racecar drivers Howie and Baboo try to race across the finish line in the Questioneers Grand Prix, and wonder, how does a car work?

  • Howie and Baboo slide down the world's biggest waterslide that ends in a giant swirling water bowl! Back in reality, they watch the toilet flush and wonder, where does the water go?

  • In their make-believe lab, Dr. Howienstein and Babor create monster pancakes... until they spill the maple syrup, and wonder, how is maple syrup made?

  • Goo-busters Howie and Baboo set their packs to super soapy as they spray goo critters! Howie sneezes back to reality and they peek into the tissue and wonder, why do we have boogers?

  • Safari Howie and Baboo are deep in the make-believe jungle (aka their backyard) looking for anacondas when they come across a garter snake and wonder, how do snakes move without legs?

  • Flying aces Howie and Baboo perform loop-de-loops in the sky, then wonder, how does an airplane fly?

  • Howie and Baboo frolic in a magical world of candy, cake and chocolate. When Howie wakes from his dream and his mom reminds them to brush their teeth, they wonder, what are cavities?

  • Super Howie spins himself into a tornado to help Baboo's kite (and Baboo) become airborne, then wonders, how does a tornado happen?

  • Howie the lonely shark tries to befriend scuba diver Baboo, then wonders, how many kinds of sharks are there?

  • Howie and Baboo ride a T-Rex in a make believe prehistoric land, and wonder, what happened to the dinosaurs?