Space Pirate Mito

Mito isn't just another space pirate, she's a small, child-like alien with enough guts to outshine a supernova. Known as the galaxy's most dangerous pirate, all she really wants is to be called "Mom."

1 Season, 13 Episodes
January 1, 1999

Space Pirate Mito Full Episode Guide

  • Ranban decides to destroy the Earth. Can Mito and Aoi stop him in time?

  • Mito and Ranban face off and the true source of Ranban's power is revealed.

  • Tired of waiting, Ranban decides to spearhead the search for Aoi himself.

  • It's an all-out battle in Amanohara as Ranbans forces face off with Mito's pirates. Meanwhile, Aoi is trying to reach his mom without being captured by the Nenga siblings.

  • Masatsuki discovers that his dream job in the Special Forces isn't living up to his expectations. Meanwhile, Ranban confronts Mito about their shared history.

  • With Aoi in his clutches, Ranban reveals the truth behind his connection to Mito. Meanwhile, against the pleas of her crew, Mito agrees to turn herself in exchange for Aoi's freedom.

  • The Galactic Patrol is heads to Earth to find and arrest Mito. Meanwhile back on Earth, Masatsuki carries out his own plans to capture Aoi and deliver him to Ranban.

  • The Nenga siblings decide to use Aoi in order to get to Mito, but will Mutsuki's feelings for Aoi get in the way?

  • Mito tells Aoi the story of how she crash landed on Earth and fell in love with his father.

  • It's the local Firefly Festival and Mito wants to go on a mother-son date, but Aoi would rather hang out with a certain blonde girl he has his eye on.

  • Sabu and Shin decide to test Aoi's powers. Meanwhile, a cute blonde girl transfers into Aoi's class. Little does Aoi know she's really a secret undercover agent for the Galactic Patrol!

  • Aoi is in denial of the fact that his mom looks like a little kid and tries to avoid her. Meanwhile, Mito is determined to get him to acknowledge her as his mother.