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The Odd Couple was a comedy show that depicted the lives of two very opposite roommates. One was named Felix and the other was named, Oscar. They were completely different from each other, but they cared about each other very much. Since they always had arguments, the tension between the two could escalate to high levels.

Felix was a very driven professional who was extremely neat. Oscar was a slob that didn't care much about cleanliness. The show depicted the daily routines that they would go through and how they dealt with each other.

Since the show would have serious undertones of things that happen in life, at the end of the show the two roommates showed how much they cared about each other. The way that the two communicated on the show allowed many people to understand how to deal with people like that in their own lives.

5 Seasons, 114 Episodes
September 24, 1970
Classic TV, Comedy
Cast: Tony Randall, Jack Klugman, Al Molinaro
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The Odd Couple (1970) Full Episode Guide

  • After being kicked out of his apartment five years earlier, Felix convices his ex-wife that they should remarry. She accepts and they are married. All of a sudden, Oscar Madison is alone, again.

  • Felix is jealous when Oscar and Richard Dawson are selected to be co-hosts of a TV show.

  • Felix is upset when he learns that his high school girlfriend is now a grandmother.

  • Oscar's old Army buddy visits, and his musical talent impresses Felix.

  • Oscar resists throat surgery, so Felix keeps nagging him to have it.

  • Felix starts a picket line with his fellow tenants over high rent rates.

  • Oscar wins a lot at the track -- with help from a friend's tips. Wanna guess?

  • Felix pulls some strings and gets Oscar a job with Howard Cosell.

  • Oscar must fill in for the newspaper's theater critic, who is on vacation, but has trouble understanding the titles, let alone the plays.

  • Oscar is volunteered by Felix to model for a series of weight-loss advertisements.

  • Oscar wants to be a family man.

  • After Oscar takes a job as a radio host, Felix comes up with his own ideas to boost the ratings.

  • Flashback Episode: Felix's chance meeting between his and Oscar's fathers.

  • Felix gets very serious and stiff competition trying to get his daughter's attention when Paul Williams arrives in town.

  • Felix tries to convince Oscar that New York City is a fun place to live.

  • Felix enters Oscar in an election against an incumbent city councilman.

  • After losing $500 to Billy Bob Babcock in a poker game, Oscar only gets 24 hours to pay up.

  • Felix abducts Silver the Canine Wonder from a bad agent.

  • Felix becomes Oscar's agent, who lands a bit part in a movie.

  • Oscar loses Leonard's entry in a frog-jumping event.

  • Felix drops a bombshell when he refuses to participate in the championship bowling match.

  • Oscar's secretary is upset over the loss of her errant beau.

  • Felix's first big assignment is to photograph a centerfold.

  • Fed up with citizen indifference, Felix joins the Police Reserve, dragging a reluctant Oscar along.

  • Suffering from sleeplessness, Felix keeps Oscar awake with his fussing.

  • Felix tries to get his old college band on Monty Hall's nostalgia program.

  • Felix's brother tries to convince him to leave New York City.

  • The New York Metropolitan Opera's Marilyn Horne stars as Felix's new discovery, but is too shy to appear in his opera unless Oscar is in it as well.

  • Felix is afraid of flying, but he has a photography assignment in Houston. Will he overcome his fear?

  • Oscar decides to be as clean as Felix after being called a slob by his girlfriend.

  • In order to repay borrowed money, Oscar takes a job working in a greasy-spoon cafe.

  • Oscar and his dentist try to convince Felix to invest in a new product: barnacle-made glue!

  • Felix is convinced the air conditioner is haunted by a ghost.

  • Oscar and Felix try to find a maid who is beautiful enough for Oscar, and clean enough for Felix.

  • Bobby Riggs appears and tries to hustle Oscar out of all his possessions.

  • Felix makes a movie about... Oscar Madison!!

  • When Oscar is hired to ghostwrite the autobiography of a retired baseball player, Felix offers his "help" by advising Murph to go in a different direction, making Oscar's job more difficult. Geoff Stults guest stars.

  • Flashback Episode: Oscar gets married and spends the wedding night in the Army barracks.

  • Parking nightmares for Oscar and Felix as they fruitlessly attempt to find a parking spot for their new automobile.

  • Flashback Episode: Felix attempts to salvage Oscar's marriage and ends up destroying his own marriage.

  • Felix's new love interest is married to a jealous professional football player (played by NFL legend Alex Karras).

  • Felix comes up with a scheme to prove he is more physically fit than Oscar.

  • Edward Villella teaches Oscar and Felix how to dance while dancing to music from Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake.

  • Felix's ex-wife visits and he thinks that he can convince her to take him back.

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